Why Brands Need Video


Video proved to be a major driving force in digital marketing last year, led by overwhelming consumer demand. We saw innovations, like live, interactive, and vertical content, gain ground steadily on the internet, giving rise to numerous opportunities, creative offerings, and marketing strategies for 2017. If you are thinking whether it is really worth spending more time and resources on creating more video content for engaging consumers and boosting sales, the simple answer is: Yes, it is.

Here are a few interesting stats regarding how video will make its way forward in 2017:

  • Online video content will make up for 74 percent of the total online traffic by the end of 2017.
  • Experts say that if video and text-based content are both available on the same topic in a page, people, especially senior executives, prefer to directly watch the video.
  • About 33 percent of tablet owners spend over an hour watching video on their devices on a daily basis.
  • 69 percent of marketing, business, and sales professionals have already integrated video in their marketing strategy, and the remaining 31 percent are planning to do so.  
  • Websites featuring video content on average get 2 minutes of additional dwell time as compared to websites that don’t.

Still not convinced? Here are some great reasons why you should focus on video marketing:

1. Better ROI

Over 80 percent of brands believe that video provides better returns on investment. While video creation requires time and money, it is worth the investment as it pays off big time. The good thing is that more advanced and affordable video editing tools are available, making it easy to produce video content even from a smartphone. Another interesting fact is that videos don’t necessarily have to be perfect – it’s the idea and content that really intrigues the consumers.

2. Search Engines Prefer Videos

Videos drastically increase the time visitors spend on a website. The long exposure builds credibility and trust, indicating search engines that the content on your website is good. With video content, you are 50 times more likely to make it on the first page of Google, if SEO for YouTube is done in the right way. Since YouTube is a part of Google, it gives preference to websites with video, hence affecting your search engine rank.

3. Video is the way to Engage Lazy Buyers

The thing about video is that it can promote any kind of product or service while being easy to consume. People don’t have enough time to read through product descriptions or how a service works. Today’s consumer prefers seeing a product in action, which brands can provide through video advertising. This strategy works on many different levels and makes it easy to engage a wide audience – even the laziest of buyers. Since you are not only marketing your product or service to their eyes, but also to their ears, your chances of converting a viewer into a customer become twice as a high.

Whether your video is about brand products or life hacks, it has the ability to captivate viewers and alter their perception about your business. Some brands may drop the idea of video marketing, thinking that no one would watch videos related to their business. But remember, there is an audience for every kind of video – you just need to market it to them in the right way.