Best Mobile Video Accessories

Not everyone can afford a high-quality video camera and supporting equipment to shoot spectacular videos. Most of us only have a smartphone with a decent camera, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot videos with what you have at your disposal. By investing in some of the mobile video accessories available today, you can dramatically enhance the quality of your footage to give them the professional touch they need to make the maximum impact on viewers.

Here we have listed some great smartphone camera gadgets and accessories that can help you make awesome videos:


  1. Lenses

A majority of the smartphones come with a 28mm fixed focal length, wide-angle lens.  The biggest problem with these lenses is that they have digital zoom, which can easily degrade the video quality. However, you can resolve this problem by equipping your phone with an external lens. While there are many products available for this purpose, Olloclip lenses, like its 4-in-1 Lens options, is the most recommended accessory to kick up your video quality. They come with wide-angle, fisheye, and up to 15x macro lenses, with focal distances of 12mm and 18mm respectively.

  1. Remotes

Sometimes, it is better to be in front of the camera instead of behind it to record the perfect video. This is where remotes come to the rescue. The Muku's Shuttr selfie remote is a wireless Bluetooth device that is designed for both iOS and Android phones. It enables you to control the shutter of your phone’s built-in camera app – meaning that you don’t have to especially install an application for it. The best part is that it can be used from up to 30 ft (9 m) away. The XSories Me-Shot-Deluxe is another great product for remote control video shooting.

  1. Tripods

Holding your smartphone steady can be quite difficult when shooting a video. But with the help of a tripod, you can make sure that your phone remains dead still during the shoot. One great accessory is Joby Magnetic Tripod, created by the same Joby of the Gorilla Pod. Flexible, wrappable legs with strong magnetic feet allow you to use it on practically any surface. You may also try Davis & Sanford EXPLORERV as it is great for ensuring stable video shoots.

  1. Flashlight

If you want to make video in a relatively dark place, you will need a flashlight to illuminate the scene for a clear video. While your smartphone most likely have a flash of its own, it is certainly not enough to shoot a video. You can use the Pocket Spotlight that is designed to provide continuous lighting for over 1 hour when fully charged. You can either hold it in your hand or plug it in the headphone jack. It is great for both pictures and videos.

Smartphones have limited capabilities when it comes to making videos. But with the right set of accessories and gadget, you can extend your smartphone camera’s quality and functionality beyond your imagination.